I love to Create: Cute Clover Plant Jar

Sweet Shamrock Jar
This St. Patrick’s Day put a little shamrock-y smile on your friends’ faces by giving them an unexpected, foliage treat. With just a wee bit o’ clover plant, a recycled baby food jar and some craft supplies, you can easily make these sweet pots filled with true Irish green!
Clover Plant Clipping
Empty Baby Food Jar
Fabric Scrap
Scissors or Pinking Shears
  • Peel label off of baby jar and clean thoroughly.
  • Carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the jar so water has a place to exit. Note: Wear protective goggles in case of glass breakage!
  • Cut a piece of fabric to the width of the flat portion of the baby jar and long enough to wrap around with a 1/4″ overlap.
  • Use your finger to spread a layer of Collage Pauge over flat portion of baby jar; lay fabric on top and smooth down. Spread an additional layer of Collage Pauge over the top of fabric to seal. Let dry.
  • Place a small amount of soil in the bottom of jar along with the clover plant and some water.