I Love to Create: Cute as a Button Frame

I’m a quirky gal.  It’s who I am; it’s what I do.  So, it will probably be no surprise that I’m also a big fan of coordinating my frames with my photos.  The challenge being however, that I can’t always find a frame to fit my photographic whim or if I can, they’re often not in my price range. 

This was the conundrum of displaying a shot taken of my daughter Clover (when she was weeks old) and Jennifer Perkins’ daughter Talullah (at 4 1/2 months), wearing matching outfits made by Jen’s mom. Because the outfits themselves are adorably kitschy and the photo would likely live in Clover’s room, I wanted something that would both coordinate and exude the playfulness of our wee, little lasses.  Thankfully, with a plain frame and a few mainstay craft supplies, the task at hand was an easy one!  Here’s how I did it and how you can make your own version to match your mood…or your photograph!

Flat Front Frame
Assorted Buttons
Craft Paint
Sponge Brushes

  • Choose an aspect of your photo that you’d like to match colors with.  It could be the blue of an ocean, the golden tones in a subject’s blond hair or, like in my picture, the orange & lavender from two little cutie pies’ outfits.
  • Go through your button stash and choose coordinating shades. I dig the eclectic look of varying shapes and styles, but you could also go more uniform by using just one shape or color of button.  Set buttons aside.

  • Remove the back and glass from frame.  Paint frame with desired color.  Depending on the surface of your frame, you’ll likely need to either use a primer, lightly sand or, just use several coats of craft paint.  Let dry.
  • Paint on Glossy Gloss Varnish to five the frame front a more finished look.  Let dry.

  • Decide what pattern you’d like your buttons to be in on your frame.  Use Liquid Fusion to glue buttons down.  Let dry overnight.
That’s all there is to it.  A cute-as-a-button, customized frame to match your sweetest of memories!
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