I Love to Create: Crafting Tips for Busy Parents

People are always asking me how I find time to craft while raising 2 active boys and an infant. Well, it’s simple.  As you can see from this picture, I don’t sleep (or shower).  Ever.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  With a little planning, it’s possible for even the busiest mamas & papas to bring creativity into one’s life, no matter what form it takes.   Today on I Love to Create, I share my 10 tips for fitting your craft into your day.

(I may not have showered.  I may still be in my pj’s.  Heck, I may not have slept [in days].  
But darn it, I’m still making time for craftiness!)

Crafting Tips for Busy Parents

1.  Be realistic.  Us parents are usually short on time, so pick quick and easy craft projects for maximum success.  The last thing you need is to feel frustrated from lack of progress!
2.  Embrace the speed crafting!  Pre-set your project supplies ahead of time so that the minute baby (or toddler) falls asleep for a nap, you can immediately power-out some quality crafting.
3.  Carry on.  If you’re caring for an infant, utilize a baby sling.  Snuggly carriers make wee ones feel secure while offering you the option of some hands-free crafting time!
4.  You can take it with you!  If your project’s portable (ex.  small knitting, crochet,  or embroidery pieces), bring it to your child’s soccer game practice, dance rehearsal, or art class, and work on it from the sidelines.
5.  Be social.  If possible, join or start your own crafting group (aka, knitting circle, collage co-op, sewing bee, etc.).  This ensures that even if it’s only for one evening a month, you’ll have time on your calendar set aside solely for nurturing your creative side.
6. Get your kids crafting!  Have your kids “assist” you with appropriate steps of your project or even better, get them started on one of their own.   Try setting them up with a Crafty Challenge –it’ll keep them busy, while giving you a chance to be creative, too!
7.  It takes a village.  Set-up “craft dates” with other parents, where the kids play while the adults work on projects.  That way if one mom’s hands are covered in decoupage glue, there’s another mom there to hold any kiddo in need of a cuddle!
8.  Craft in bed.  I’m serious.  Although this obviously wouldn’t be ideal if glitter murals or clay sculptures are your crafty medium– and your partner will likely not be thrilled with this suggestion– stitching while watching a little nighttime TV is a great way to wind down from a busy day.
9.  Stay organized.  Keep all of your craft supplies in easy to access bins and if possible, all in one place.  The more time you have to spend trying to dig up the right size needles or the perfect color of paint, the less time you’ll have to actually use them.
10.  Take a break.  If you find that working on your craft is starting to feel like another task on an already overwhelming to-do list, then it’s time to set your project aside for a bit.  Being creative is supposed to help fill your emotional well, not suck it dry.  Take a deep breath, attend to your family and come back to your craft (or start a new one) when you’re ready.
Good luck and great job with balancing it all, crafty parents.  I salute you!
Do you have any tips for making time for crafting?  Please, post ’em here!