I Love to Create: 25 signs that you may love to create, too!

25 Clues That You (May) Love to Create

1.  You never throw away a broken plate, vase or colored glass just in case you get inspired to do a mosaic someday.
2.  You sacrifice 2 months worth of mani/pedi allowances to buy enough Lobster Pot Cashmere to knit yourself a wrap with.

3.  While watching coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral, you wondered who they hired to bedazzle the Jackson brothers’ gloves.
4.  When you’re in labor you notice that your obstetrician’s hair cover is made out of Amy Butler fabric.  You make a mental note to e-mail Amy to let her know, once you’re out of the hospital.  (Ok, this one may only apply to me, but still.)
5.  You only subscribe to the Sunday newspaper for the Michael’s 50% off coupon.
6.  Assuming that everyone knows you crochet, you don’t get offended when you’re called a hooker.
7. Like “Norm” from the show Cheers, they call your name every time you enter your local craft store.
8.  You keep an embroidery project in your purse to work on while you’re sipping cocktails at a bar.
9.  You’re easily distracted by shiny objects, especially when they involve Crafty Chica Glitter.

10.  Your sheets and towels have been banished to various places in the house because your linen closet has been promoted to “Craft Nook”.
11.  You see paint chip samples at the home improvement store as a wonderful offering of free card stock.
12.  You pick your vacation destination based on its proximity to yarn stores.
13.  You remember television shows from your childhood based on scenes involving craftiness. The episode of The Cosy Show when Denise attempts to make Theo a designer shirt, comes to mind.  Oh, and remember when Hawkeye was so bored on the M*A*S*H compound that he took up knitting?
12.  If you can Dremel a hole in it, no item is safe in your house from being turned into a necklace charm. (This one’s for you, Jennifer!)
13. With the same vigor as a Trekkie fan at ComicCon, you stalk famous crafters at Renegade Craft Fair for their autographs.  
14.  You’ve given up reading books in bed before you go to sleep, in favor of craft blogs on your laptop.
15.  You find that you know more about the lives of craft bloggers than you do your own extended family’s.
16.  If it can be cut into a strip then, you’ve knit, crocheted or spun with it.
17.  You feel a sense of pride when your son opts out of skiing in favor of taking a pottery class.
18.  You reschedule your entire weekend to take advantage of the sale at JoAnn Etc..
19.  Some people have Super Bowl parties; you have Project Runway parties.
20.  You truly believe that anything looks cooler when covered by a little spray paint.

21.  You only take pictures of your family when they’re in coordinating outfits, so as not to mess with the aesthetic of your scrap book plan.
22.  One woman’s magazine is another’s “Collage Inspiration Book”.
23.  You’ve named your sewing machine.
24.  You’ve organized your Tulip Fashion Paints by color and have them displayed prominently on a shelf.
25.  You have a bumper sticker on your car that says, ” D.I.Y. or Die.  Store bought’s for losers!”
Got other signs?  Post ’em here!
xx, Vickie