Smart Getaway for Busy Mamas: Hyatt Hill Country Resort & Spa

Mom and Daughter Spa time at Hyatt Hill Country Spa & Resort
Career-Parent Balance

Sometimes (read: a lot of times) as a freelancing working mom of three, balancing work, individual quality time with kids, and finances can be a challenge. Let’s be honest, it’s feast or famine in both cash flow and emotional availability. Along with these challenges, I confess, also comes a certain level of self-imposed guilt. I often feel like I’m not doing enough for everyone in any given situation. Most of the time, I shrug it off with the knowledge that I’m giving what I can … and for the most part, it’s enough. With my kids, though — especially my daughter who unlike her teenage brothers still craves a lot of activity-filled togetherness — the regret of precious moments lost to the soundtrack of, “I’m working right now, please hush!” sits deep within the muscles of my role as mother. During the lion’s share of this year while working on crowdfunding, creating, producing, and promoting a TV-style show the usual symphony of shushing evolved into a ruckus, rock concert. Thusly, that pang of wanting to be everything my daughter needed, reverberated throughout my soul. 

Making Things Work

I’m a big proponent of identifying a problem, then finding a workable solution. So, in between e-mails and conference calls, social media strategizing and content development, I pondered how to right a ship of which I was unsettled by its current direction. It occurred to me that, per usual perhaps, I was overthinking it. That it was ok if I couldn’t drop everything anytime my girl was bored, or had a question, or wanted me to act as her personal cruise director. What really mattered is that she got some time focused on just our mother-daughterdom. The real puzzle though, was how to make that happen within a tight schedule, and a limited budget. Enter, Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa.

The key to a smart getaway is choosing a place that packs a lotta proverbial punch, meaning an all-encompassing destination that when done in a weekend (or overnight, in our case) doesn’t require you to go to a bunch of time-consuming and expensive attractions. If you keep it close, then you can do a lot — and love every minute of it! That’s what we did, and it was truly special. From that experience, I’d love to share my 6 tips for how to make the most, and have a blast while doing it, of a quick trip with your kidlet:

1. Get excited!

Mom and daughter trip: Hyatt Hill Country Spa and Resort

Before the trip, start a conversation with your kiddo about potential plans. Make sure to emphasize that this is your special time together– and that you’re so looking forward to it!

2. Get right to it.

Hyatt Hill Country Spa and Resort

The staff was all incredibly nice and helpful! Here, Guest Service’s Chauntel gives Clo the scoop on where the fun was to be found. 

When you choose a hotel like the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa that has everything you need on the premises, there’s no need to dawdle whilst figuring out logistics. Upon check-in you’ll be greeted and given the low-down on a well thought out menu of family-friendly activities (ranging from movie nights and water games, to crafts and culinary delights), and handed a beach ball to get you started.

All that’s left to do from there is make a quick stop to the room to drop off everything but your swim-essenntials !

Hill Country Spa and Resort

Ok, I brought a little work with me, but left it in the room while we played.

Play Hard

Hyatt Hill Country Spa and Resort Lazy River

My girl loves her the swimming. And me, well, I love to float. Thanks to the Lazy River (located just steps from our room and amidst the backdrop of the hill country), we were both ahhhhhed.

Hyatt Hill Country Spa & Resort Waterpark

There are also water slides, an adult pool, and golf courses. Pick yer pleasure!

Rest Easy

Windflower Spa

Pedicures and Pomegranate Mimosa (for mom only, of course.)

The Windflower Spa is located in a refurbished, historic farmhouse just paces from the main hotel. It’s lovely, serene, and offers a variety of treatments involving locally sourced, organic creams and balms. We opted for mother-daughter mani/pedis, complete with mini-me robe options!

The look on my little one’s face while experiencing her first, real spa just tickled me. The time getting pampered together, cuddling in the lounging swing, and sharing secrets, that though was priceless! 

Eat Well

Hyatt Hill Country Spa & Resort | Eat Well

Whether you rise early for the Texas-shaped waffles, have a hankering for poolside snacks, or are ready for a nice, sit-down meal the Hyatt Hill Country has your cravings covered! As vegetarians, finding favorable food while traveling is often a challenge. I really appreciated, though that when the chef heard there was a veg in the house on what was a BBQ themed night, she came out on the floor to offer to make a special pasta dish for Miss Picky and a delicious, Southwestern style tofu dish for me. All that eats well, ends well.

Live the Sweet Life

Cupcake Decorating

To round out our 24 hours of “us time”, I kept one surprise up my sleeve — and oh, was it a treat! With just one phone call, it’s easy to arrange for a cupcake decorating tray, complete with candy accoutrements and cups of milk, delivered to your room.  

Cupcake Decorating at Hyatt Hill Country

Capping it all off with cupcakes — after a day filled with memory-making moments — creates the sweetest of endings!

If you ever find yourself in Central Texas, I highly recommend making a stop at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa for a quick getaway like we did, or a longer stay where you venture out to see The Alamo, Riverwalk, Amusement Parks and rich, San Antonio culture


**Disclosure: This post was written as part of a partnership with Hyatt Hill Country Resort and Spa.**