How to Use a Nostepinne

How to use a nostepinne to wind yarn into a center-pull ball | #vickiehowell #knitting #crochet # Spinning #weaving #tools

How to Use a Nostepinne

This week on Ask Me Monday, I showed how to use the Nostepinne, an old-school tool for winding center-pull balls. This tool may seem archaic, compared to the hand-crank or electronic ball-winders, but it’s actually still relevant to yarn crafters. It’s highly portable (I recently threw mine in my suitcase during a trip), making it ideal for taking on knitter’s retreats or wool festivals. It’s also perfect for low-yardage, super bulky yarns for which the effort of setting up a swift and winder is hardly worth it.

Here’s how you use a Nostepinne:


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How to use a nostepinne to wind yarn into a center-pull ball | #vickiehowell #knitting #crochet # Spinning #weaving #tools


Step 1: Untwist a hank of yarn and place it on a swift or over a chair back.



Step 2: Leaving a tail (this will be your center-pull strand) wrap yarn around the nostepinne, in a spiral formation, and covering about 2″-3″ of the rod.



Step 3: Make one to two figure 8s around the nostepinne rod.



Step 4: Rotate the nostepinne a quarter turn; repeat Step 3.



Step 5: Repeat Step 4, rotating and making figure 8s with yarn until finished. Take care not to wind completely over the center-pull strand.

Slide ball off of nostepinne. You’re ready to yarn craft!


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