Chain Stitch Coasters

Ask Me Monday with Vickie Howell: Chain Stitch Coasters

Chain Stitch Coasters

This week on Ask Me Monday we learn how to make Chain Stitch Coasters, using yarn scraps and latch hook mesh. No previous crochet skills required!

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Chain Stitch Coasters: How-To


Small amount of aran or heavy-worsted yarn

Size G/4.5 mm crochet hook

Tapestry Needle

5 Mesh Latch Hook Canvas



4″/10 cm square

DIRECTIONS (make 2-4)

  • Cut out a 4″/10 cm square (20 mesh squares across and up-and-down) per coaster you’re making. 
  • Insert hook into the 2nd mesh square. Slip not yarn, and place on hook. Pull loop through to front. *Insert hook in next mesh square up from the last, yarn-over, pull yarn through mesh square and through loop on hook. Chain stitch complete. Repeat from *, creating chain stitches through each mesh square, until you reach the last open mesh square. Pivot to next column of mesh squares, chain stitch in the the 2nd mesh square from the top in the next column. Continue chain stitching, repeating from *, down the column. Repeat this process until the entire mesh piece, leaving the last mesh square column open.

Pro Tip: Choose a crochet hook with a pointy tip, like the Knitter’s Pride Ginger or Symfonie Dreamz hooks, to make this process even easier!

  • Using tapestry needle and a strand of yarn, whip stitch around border of piece, beginning in a square that already has stitching and whipping around the unstitched border mesh squares. Take care to not pull too tight, so the mesh doesn’t warp.
  • Weave in ends. 

Chain Stitch Coaster Variations

Now that you know how to work chain stitch over latch hook mesh in columns, experiment with using the technique to stitch over the mesh at angles to create your own design. Be sure to tag @vickiehowell with your coasters, too!

Chevron Chain Stitch

Chevron Chain Stitch variation


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