Ask Me Monday #47: How to Knit a Shawl Collar + New Kit!

Shawl Collar

This week’s Ask Me Monday was sponsored by the folks at Interweave. I’ve teamed up with them to create six Yarncraft by Vickie Howell kits, which are rolling out throughout the Fall season. The latest kit to hit the Interweave Store is for my Fox Hills Toddler Cardigan, which is knit in Plymouth Galway Chunky yarn.

Get Collared

In the States, cowichan-style cardigans (bulky sweaters with bold graphics — think, “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski) have made a huge come back. What’s cuter than a tiny person donning big person garb? Not much, I say! Not much.

Fox Hills Toddler CardiGet the Kit!

Fox Hills Toddler Cardi

Get the Kit!


Part of what also makes the Fox Hills Toddler Cardigan so sweet is the Mr. Rogers-esque, shawl collar. Our model for the kit shot was a very active 2-year-old, so we prioritized her having a good time at the photo shoot versus fussing with the collar to fold it down as one normally would wear it. Regardless, the outcome is a unisex sweater with a purpose: cuddliness!


Watch and Learn How to Knit a Shawl Collar!

Knowing is Half the Battle!

Now that you’ve watched the video and are a pro at short-row shawl collar knitting, you’re ready to make this project. So what are you waiting for? Get your Fox Hills Toddler Cardigan Kit today!

Fox Hills Cardigan Shawl Collar

As always I feel grateful to you for choosing to spend a little part of your week with me! Be sure to tune in again next Monday for a new episode LIVE on Facebook.

Breathe in. Craft out.,


P.S. Don’t forget to tag @vickiehowell and @interweave with pictures of your finished, Fox Hills Toddler Cardi!