How to Knit a Fur Collar for a Jacket

Knit Fur Collar

This week on Ask Me Monday, I show how to make a knit fur collar for a coat. This is a great way to customize your favorite denim jacket, and add a little warmth while you’re at it! The best part is that it is really, really easy. Thanks to the give of Garter Stitch, and the forgiveness that novelty yarns like boucle or faux fur offer, a simple rectangle can be eased to fit over most style collars. Here’s how!

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How to Knit a Fur Collar for a Jacket


Knit Fur Collar | Vickie Howell



Boucle or novelty fur yarn (I used Knit Collage Serenity)

Appropriate sized needles (I used Knitter’s Pride Gingers Size 10/6 mm)

Tapestry needle

Sewing needle and coordinating thread

Sewing pins or clips

Jacket with collar



  • Step 1: Measure it
    Lay your jacket on a surface, and unfold the collar so it lays flat. Measure the depth of the collar at its tallest point. Add 1″ to that measurement. The sample jacket had a 3″ depth + 1″ = 4″ (<— this will be our Collar Measurement)
  • Step 2: Swatch it
    Using your desired yarn and appropriate sized needles, knit a small swatch to determine Stitch Gauge (row gauge isn’t important for this project). Using Serenity yarn and size 10/6mm needles, I got 2.75 stitches per inch. (<— this will be our Collar Measurement)
  • Step 3: Calculate it Using the formula below, calculate the number of stitches you will cast on for your chosen jacket’s collar, using your desired yarn.

Knit Fur Collar Formula: Stitch Gauge x Collar Measurement = Number of Stitches to Cast On

  • Step 4: Knit it
    Knit every row until piece is the length of the jacket collar.
    Bind off.
    Weave in ends.
  • Step 5: Sew it
    Pin or clip fur collar to the top of collar (i.e. public facing when collar is folded down to wear). Using sewing needle and thread, whip stitch knit fur collar to jacket collar. Note: The knit fur collar will overhang approximately 1-1.5″ (with stretch) over the jacket collar.
    Knit Fur Collar | Vickie Howell
  • Step 6: Wear it
    Stay cozy in your new, shearling-inspired collar!

Are you a crocheter? I’ve got you! Simply swap out single or half-double crochet, for the the knit stitch. Follow the same formula above to get your chain number!

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