Horror, Hand Made and Happenstance.

Last night I went to see Silent Hill, a monumentally bad movie based on the video game of the same title. Now, I’m a big fan of horror flicks in general and have no problem with suspending disbelief for the sake of a good scare but seriously movie-making people, please…step away…from the usage of rediculously over-sized cgi bugs, the literal representation of our country’s puritanical discrepencies and the cliche portrayal of a modernized Joan of Arc in leather cop pants and spikey, bleached hair. Okgoodthanksbye. The quote of the evening came from my date who after apologizing profusely for taking me to such a sucky film said, “I think that this movie was compiled of scenes from other movies made back in the days before acting got good.” Indeed, my dear. Indeed.

Tonight’s gonna be a long one. First, there’s our friend Chris Hernandez’s art show at Gallery Lombardi. Then, it’s off to Opal Divine’s South to celebrate my friends’ Jenny & Dirk’s 10th anniversary. After that, there’s a big birthday bash for the Chicken Ranch Records guys at Longbranch. The evening will end (and if you’re experiencing a bit of insomnia, you should totally join me for this one) at the 24-hour grand opening event at the Blanton Art Museum. Members from the Austin Craft Mafia have put together a fashion show that will be happening at 2am (no, I’m not kidding) that will surely be described by go-ers as, “kick-awesome” or “fantastalicious”. So if you’re in the Austin area, take a nap this afternoon and rendezvous with me in the wee hours at:
Blanton Museum of Art
The University of Texas at Austin
MLK at Congress

Hope to see you there! Oh,and if you missed it on Thursday, tune in to Stylelicious tomorrow at 4pm ET for the Purse Party episode hosted by the the lovely Karly Hand, Jen Artnson and Hope Perkins.

The main men in my life have a soccer game in a few,so I gots to go.

Happy weekend!