Halloween Project: Haunt Sweet Haunt

 I’ve been digging the kitsch of the embroidered cross-stitch lately. Whether it’s used in the traditional manner, sewn onto a knit or crocheted piece as embellishment, or stitched ironically onto an unintended for fabric — it’s easy for a hand-stitched “X” to mark the crafty spot!
My favorite haunt these days is at home with my family, which lends itself perfectly to a play on words worthy of the Halloween decor season. Here’s a simple project that whips up wickedly quick making it an easy ode to your Haunt Sweet Haunt. Here’s how:
  • Grey, sport-weight yarn (I used Bernat Cotton-ish by Vickie Howell in color, Grey T-Shirt)
  • Netted web fabric piece (at least 18″/46 cm x 22″/56 cm)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Large embroidery hoop
  • Scissors
  • Frame (16″/41 cm x 20″/51. cm — or desired size)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot Glue Gun Helper (optional)
  • Iron (optional)
Place fabric in hoop. Using chart below as a guide, cross-stitch letters onto fabric. If you’re using web fabric as shown, keep in mind that grid lines won’t be perfectly symmetrical — no worries, just fudge it as necessary!  Press if fabric bunches at all from stitching.
 (Click to enlarge)

Cut fabric down so it’s about a 1″/2.5 cm or so larger than the inside of your frame. Using glue gun and either a Hot Glue Gun Helper or other spatula to press down fabric securely (without burning your fingers), adhere fabric to inside lip of frame taking care to stretch piece as you go.

Hang on wall or add to a spooky vignette on your mantel!