Hairpin Lace Leather Bracelets

Hairpin lace leather bracelet

Hairpin Lace Leather Bracelets

This week on Facebook I gave a live stream tutorial on using the new, Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool. In the video I also showed a couple of leather bracelets I made using the tool. Here’s how you can make them, too!

**Need a quick refresher course? Watch my Hair Pin Lace Tool video tutorial here.

Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool
Size J/6mm Clover Amour Crochet Hook
Leather lacing
Jewelry pliers
Beads or large stone
Nylon thread and sewing needle
Jewelry findings (2 o-rings, lobster clasp, and 2 rectangular fold-over cord ends.)


  • Leaving a a tail (6″/15 cm is safe) cast on leather to loom.

Using single crochet as center stitch, make 7-9 loops (depending on wrist circumference — you can always pull out loops if it’s too long.)

Fasten off, leaving another tail.

Hair Pin Lace Tutotorial

  • Place around your wrist to gauge length of tails required. Trim tails to accommodate that length.
  • FOR TAN VERSION ONLY: Use fingers or crochet hook to “chain stitch” or ladder the loops over each other on side of bracelet. Feed the respective tail through the last loop and knot into place. Repeat for opposite side.
  • Following the manufacturer instructions, attach findings to both tail ends.
  • Hand sew beads or stone to bracelet.

hairpin lace leather loop bracelet