Giveaway Thursday–PGC Accessories Preview!

Good morning, Hookers (and I mean that in the most respectful way)! With only 2 weeks left until Pop Goes Crochet officially hits shelves, I thought I’d give you a little look-see at a handful more of the 36 projects from the book with the scoop behind their inspirations. Today’s feature: Accessories!

The “Heidi” Scarf

This might be my favorite picture in the whole book and the scarf is certainly one of my favorite projects!  Designed by Mary Jane Hall, the baubles on this luxurious (it’s made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino) neck garland, reminded me of a strand of purls.  I was on site the day of this shoot and the Lark Books folks were kind enough to let me style this shot.  I told them I wanted a 1920’s brothel feel and with that, we went shopping.  The model is so beautiful in this vintage look!  I’m apparently the first Lark author to get lingerie in a craft book.  In honor of that, I went with naming the project after Victoria Secret Angel, Heidi Klum
The “Drew” Necklace

Yup, this necklace really is crochet and oh, how I love it!  Jennifer Hansen (aka Stitch Diva) used the hairpin lace technique combined with wire and fine gems to create a lovely, blossom charm.  The project got it’s name from the face of Flower Films the free-spirited, Drew Barrymore.

The “Sean” Driver’s Cap

Drew Emborsky (aka The Crochet Dude), designed this classic cap for the modern man.  It’s both rugged looking and soft (made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca) at the same time.  The original inspiration was Sean Connery (who always looks so debonaire in hats) but when we couldn’t find a model to fit the part, we changed it to Sean Penn.  Either way, every dude should have one of these!

The “Bettie” Bag

Curvy like my favorite vintage vixen Bettie Page, this felted purse is as cute as it is cleverly constructed.  Designed in two sizes by  Kelley Deal (aka The Breeders co-frontwoman), this just another example of Kel’s Bags that Rock!
The “Mary-Kate” Beret & Fingerless Gloves
I designed this urban-glam set (made with my SWTC/VHC Vegas yarn) before deciding on a name for it.  Looking for inspiration one day though, I was flipping through a magazine and found a great picture of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing a similar beret.   Her bohemian chic style embodies the look I was going for.  
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