Gift Idea: Cowls

One of my favorite gifts to make are cowls. They’re cozy, quick to knit or crochet, and require little yarn while looking expensive. They can blend into a winter coat or add a pop of color to an otherwise drab outfit. Here are a few that I’ve designed (mostly) this season, with the latest being an ombre cowl for the Joanns website. All are made in Bernat Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell yarn which can be found at select Michaels, Joann Stores and online for under $4 a ball. You can beat that! 
Fader Ombre Cowl for
Shown in colors: Plum(ish) and Magenta(ish)
Other color combo options: Robin’s Egg(ish) and Turquoise(ish),
Chartreuse(ish) and Olive(ish), or Gin Metal(ish) and Black(ish)

Cozy Cowl for Clever Crocheted Accessories
Shown in color: Teal(ish)

Stripy Cowl for Crafts n’ Things Magazine Holiday ’12
Shown in colors: Plum(ish) and Coral(ish)

Stop, Drop and Cable for Step It Up Knits
Shown in color: Magenta(ish)
Fair Weather for Step It Up Knits
Shown in colors: Taupe(ish), Plum(ish) and Teal(ish)

Happy Cowl-day for Knit Simple Holiday ’12
Shown in color: Red(ish)

10th Floor Cowl for Bernat
Shown in colors: Olive(ish) and Teal(ish)

Enjoy and happy cowl-day! (Har, har, har.)