Bohemian Fringe Wall Hanging on Studio 512

Fringe Wall-hanging on Studio 512

Recently, I headed down the road to the KXAN studios in Austin to film a segment for the lifestyle show, Studio 512. I talked yarn-y wall hanging trends — from knit swatches, to woven pieces, to macrame detailing — and how ANYONE can make their own using multiple textures of fringe.

Watch the Studio 512 Segment

Fringe Wall Hanging on Studio 512

Make a Bohemian Fringe Wall-hanging


Different textures of yarn and/or other textiles. I used Knit Collage Spun Cloud, Daisy Chain & Wildflower Drifter; and Vickie Howell for Deramores Woolpaca Chunky

10″ piece hanger (copper piping, driftwood, or dowel)


Pompom or Bead (optional)


  1. Cut lengths of yarns to TWICE the length of intended piece (at longest point.)
  2. Attach pieces to hanger by folding piece in half; sliding folding portion under hanger; pulling tails through loop created by fold. Pull taught. Repeat in desired pattern.
  3. Trim tails straight across or at angle.
  4. Attach yarn to hanger at top to great tie. Knot.
  5. Add optional pompom or bead at knotted area; tie an additional knot. Finish off.