Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad

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Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad OR Coasters

This week on Ask Me Monday, we continue to lean into the season with another project featuring Fall’s favorite fruit! A Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad (or coasters) makes for a great hostess gift or a fun addition to your own holiday table. 

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Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad OR Coasters Pattern

Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad by Vickie Howell. Video and written tutorial.


Zombie Yarns Scream (100% wool; 90 yds/50 gr), in color: Copperhead — 1 hank will make either 1 hot pad or 2 coasters

Size 11/8 mm needles ( I used these.) 

Sheet of craft felt

Embroidery needle & floss

Sharp scissors

Sewing Pins

Hot Pad Template

Coasters Template


Hot Pad: Approx. 8.5″ x 9.5″--size may vary based on felting level

Coasters: Approx 5″ x 4″--size may vary based on felting level






CO 32 sts.

Knit every row until the piece measures 10″, or until you run out of yarn.



CO 16 sts.

Knit every row until the piece measures 5.”



FINISHING (Both Versions)

Weave in ends.

  • Felt piece(s):

Either machine or hand felt project as follows:

Machine felting:

Place the project into a zippered (or tied) pillowcase and place in the washing machine with about a teaspoon of detergent.

Wash on a short cycle, in hot water and a cold rinse. Check piece. If you’d like it more felted, repeat the process, once more.

Pin flat to let air dry.

Hand felting:
Fill a bowl with as hot of water as your hands can stand, and about a tablespoon of soap (wool wash, shampoo, any mild detergent).

Fully submerge the piece into the soapy water and begin to agitate the piece by rubbing it together against itself, underwater. Continue in this manner until the piece is felted to your liking.

Pin flat to let air dry.

  • Cut out pumpkin(s):

Pin template to felted piece; cut out. 

Optional: freeform cut out a leaf from felted piece scraps. Sew piece to stem.

Cut out a separate piece from craft felt.

Felted Pumpkin Hot Pad: back with felt.

  • Embroider edging/Attach craft felt:

Pin craft felt to the back of the felted pumpkin. 

Embroidering onto felted yarn.

Using embroidery floss and Blanket Stitch (and my video tutorial from this issue of Ask Me Me Monday as a guide), embroider through both pieces, and around the entire perimeter of the pumpkins.

And, your done. Good job, pumpkin!


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