Family Follies

I don’t really have anything on-topic to say today, except that I’m almost finished with the Modern Love(y) blanket that’ll I’ll be offering a pattern for soon on my site.

Unrelated, I’m already at that really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy that’s not at all aided by my serious lack of torso.  Last night, this was the conversation at my house between me and my 9 year old son:
Tanner:  Mom, if it makes you feel any better, there’s a guy in the new Wolverine movie who’s WAY bigger than you are.  He’s big everywhere!

Me:   Great.

Tanner:  Yeah.  His name’s The Blob.

Me:  I’m sorry, did you just compare me to someone named “The Blob”?

Tanner:  Yeah, but I mean, he’s really big and…

Me:  Tanner, you should stop now while you’re behind.  Listen to me carefully honey, because your future wife will thank me for this one, don’t EVER compare a woman to anything that even remotely resembles something huge ESPECIALLY if it’s also called, The Blob.  Trust me, it will NEVER make her feel better.  Got it?

Tanner:  Got it.
I think that pretty much says it all.
xo, Vickie