Driving leads to Dinosaurs

Last night I felt like going for a drive so I hopped in the car, not knowing where I’d end up. A few miles and a phone call later, I arrived at Stubbs for a Dinosaur Jr. reunion show. Random occurances like this just further my love for Austin. Jennifer, Cory and I hung out singing along to songs I hadn’t even thought about since 1992, while two guys standing behind us made fun of us for the amount of times we touched our own hair. Speaking of hair, Jennifer dyed hers chestnut brown and shattered it out with a long, layered, rock-n-roll cut. She looks amazing!

I had a 36 hour business trip to Atlanta this week, 16 of which was spent travelling. Armageddon worthy lightening storms caused hours upon hours of flight delays. It sucked. My presentation however, went very well and concluded with a few of the executives taking me out thrift store shopping and for Atlantian beer and fried green tomatoes on the patio of a local pub. That part defintely did not suck.

I came home to find boxes stacked up next my back door. They were mostly from yarn companies–little reminder parcels of how much work on this crochet book I have ahead of me. One however, contained a couple of copies of that book Tease that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It looks really, really good. I know it sounds cheesy, but I get so proud when I see my Austin Craft Mafia girls published–it’s cool that I don’t even have to see their names to know who designed what. They’re all so talented and I *heart* them.

So, if you’re spending your lunch hour blog browsing, check out Urban Socialite. She was kind enough to mention ACM and Stylelicious.

Oh,BTW, if you’re in Austin, please come on by the Stylelicious premiere party next Wednesday at Docs Motorworks at 7:30pm. Here’s the Evite for your viewing pleasure! It should be a lot of fun. There’ll be free adult bevies from 8-9pm, raffle giveaways, gift bags for the first 75 people, and episodes of the show running on monitors in the background. Hope to see you there!
If you can’t make it though (or frankly, even if you can), please tune in to the DIY network at 2:30ET/1:30CT on Thursday the 6th for the show debut!

Peace. Out.