DIY Lucet Knit Trivets

Lucet Kit Trivet by Vickie Howell for YarnYAY!

DIY Lucet Knit Trivets

Lean into that Scandi-style by using a Viking-days tool to make a modern-looking lucet knit trivet as a gift or for your home. Here’s how!



YarnYAY! Lucet Knit Trivet Kit


Lucet (aka knitting fork)

Approx 45′,  ¼” Cotton Rope

Cotton String

Sharp Tapestry Needle

OPTIONAL: Vegan Leather Decorative Tab and either Rivet or Sewing Supplies


Approx. 6 ½” Circle


Lucet Knit Trivet Kit



Use Method #2 in this video to knit the cord for this project.


  • Leaving an 8″/20 cm tail and using the lucet and rope, knit a 65″/165 cm cord. Fasten off.
  • Beginning from center-out, roll cord into a spiral formation.
  • Using needle and string, whip stitch spiral layers together to tail; fold over tail to create loop, whip stitch around to secure. Tie off, weave in ends and trim.

    Lucet Knit Tripe | Cotton Rope

  • OPTIONAL: Fold vinyl tab around bottom of loop. Machine, or hand-sew, or use a rivet to shut.


P.S. A shout-out to Sticker Mule for creating the cute, little YarnYAY! stickers we’re now using on our packages. That little pop of aqua, really helps our mailers feel special! Next up: I’m thinking I may need to start declaring my YAY! for the yarn via vinyl decals for car windows!

Lucet Knit Trivet Kits | Sitckers

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