Dia De Los Muertos Fabric Garland

Dia De Los Muertos Pendant Garland | Vickie Howell #DIY #diadelosmuertoscrafts #fabricgarland #fabricbanner #pendantflags, #skeleton

Dia De Los Muertos Fabric Garland

As the daughter of a Hispanic father who has passed away and whose birthday was on November 1st, for years I’ve been planning on creating a Dia De Los Muertos alter in his honor (as well including our other loved ones on the other side.) This year’s the year! I kicked off the plan while I already had the sewing machine out to make my daughter’s Halloween costume, by making a simple Dia De Los Muertos Fabric Garland to help decorate the scape. Bookmark this project for your own Day of the Dead alters, or use it for any holiday or celebration by simply swapping out thematic fabrics.

Sending much love to your loved ones in the great beyond!


Approx 1/2 yd cotton fabric

Iron-on, fusible interfacing

Rotary cutter and self-healing mat

Straight edge or quilting ruler

Sewing machine & coordinating thread

Approx 2 yds of cotton rope, yarn, or string




  • Stabilize fabric: Cut fabric in half. Set one piece aside. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron-on fusible interfacing to the wrong side of one piece, then iron that piece to the wrong side of the other piece.
  • Cut out flags: Using rotary cutter and mat, cut seven, 3 1/2″ x 4″ pieces of fabric out of your now, sandwiched fabric.
  • Create flag points: Fold a piece in half lengthwise; beginning from unfolded corner cut the tip at an angle to the folded edge. When you unfold, you should see two points (see photo below.) Repeat process for all fabric pieces.

Dia De Los Muertos Pendant Garland | Vickie Howell #DIY #diadelosmuertoscrafts #fabricgarland #fabricbanner #pendantflags, #skeleton

  • Sew: Fold the top edge of flag down about 1/2″/2cm from the top edge. Using 1/8″-1/4″ seam allowance, sew across to create hanging pocket, then continue topstitching around the entire flag. Repeat for all flags.
  • String & hang: String flags onto rope; tie loops at either end; hang and enjoy!