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crochetscene vickie howell

Crochetscene 2017: Look What I Helped Make!

Nearly a year ago, I was brainstorming with Lisa Shroyer, Interweave’s content strategist, about how best we could collaborate. One idea I really liked was being guest editor for the 2017 issue of Crochetscene under the guidance of the smart, clever, fellow-Scorpio and Editor Marcy Smith.

crochetscene marcy and vickie

And that’s a wrap! Marcy and I say goodbye at the end of the Crochetscene shoot.


I didn’t want my “guest editor” role to be only a vanity title. I wanted to work. I wanted to create. So I rolled up my sleeves and dove in.

Creating an issue of a crochet magazine calls for copious amounts of designer submissions and a coupla people with big ideas. It was easy to find the latter (see aforementioned Scorpio dynamic duo). As for the former, Marcy showed up at my house in Austin with a huge box of submissions. And for an action-packed forty-eight hours—with breaks only for sleep, a visit to the LYS, and possibly a bevvie or two—we talked over visions, designs, and yarn. We took over my office, then migrated to the kitchen table, and even absconded with my daughter’s whiteboard easel to hold our sticky-note
map for the issue-to-be. It was intense. It was a blast!


During our time together in Austin, and for the weeks and months that came afterward, Marcy and I rounded out story themes (those are the series of designs in a magazine that seem to go together). I’ll be posting loads more later with details about the projects, but for now here’s a brief peek courtesy of my iPhone and studio carpet:

Crochetscene: Hi, Desert!

(jewel-toned garments channeled through Coachella’s eye)

crochetscene Hi Desert

Fun fact: Annastasia Cruz originally submitted this design in black and as a cami. I immediately thought it would look amazing as a dress, and wow did she surpass my expectations with the result!


Crochetscene: Black & White

(because . . . those noncolor colors are the bomb!)

crochetscene black & white

Last year Angelina Jolie was on the cover of  Vogue wearing nothing but a knit, black and white striped pullover. It was striking, and stuck with me. I knew I wanted crocheters to be able to make something like it, and was thrilled with Marcy told me she’d booked Melissa Leapman to design it for this issue!


Crochetescene: Apartment Living

(for those who balance smaller spaces with kitsch and cool)

crochetscene apartment living

This was the first shoot. It was in a 200 square foot apartment, so A.) we had to get creative about using every single corner to create different shots, and B.) I got to know everyone up close and personal!


Crochetscene: Wide Open Spaces

(a celebration of bulky yarn + open-weave stitchwork)

crochetscene wide open spaces

The phenomenal Teva Durham did me a favor and came out of industry retirement to design the cornerstone piece for the Wide Open Spaces spread.


Crochetscene: Thread Lightly

(a finer-gauge look and modern take on flapper style.)

crochetscene thread lightly

Originally the Crocehtscene designer had envisioned a different theme for this section. Delicate and feminine isn’t really in my comfort zone, though … but if seen through the lens of the 1920’s it just felt right to me. I pitched a Great Gatsy-esque take on it, and they Obliged. It was really brought home, though by make-up/hair artist Candace Tucker, and stylist Tina Gill!


The culmination of this experience for me was the photo shoot in Fort Collins. I walked in and was greeted with open arms. Art Director Kit had great ideas and was happy to embrace mine. Assistant Editor Dana was a wonderful right hand. The
photographer, Nate, was both fun and ridiculously talented. And the stylist, Tina, brought life to my mood boards in a way that made me swoon. I was able to stay for only two of the three days of shooting, but I left with confidence that these people had it covered. I wanted to be a part of a magazine team. Thanks to Marcy and all the Interweave peeps, I got to do all of that.


crochetscene polaroid


So, my crochet community, I hope you enjoy these pages of crochet happy. They were hooked with love and made with friends. Thee issue is available in both digital in print formats and can be found online, in craft stores and at book retailers.


P.S. If you make something from this issue of Crochetscene, please tag @vickiehowell and @interweavecraft with photos. We love seeing our community in action!