Ask Me Monday: How to Crochet a Triangle Shawl + NEW KIT!

crochet triangle shawl vickie howell

How to Crochet a Triangle Shawl from the Top-center Out

Episode 45 of Ask Me Monday was a fun one because not only did I teach a cool way to crochet a triangle shape shawl, but I also announced my latest collaboration with Interweave on a collection of Yarncraft kits. You can see the full collection here, but scroll down to see the first one available.

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First Vickie Howell Yarncraft Kit Available Now!

Once you’ve watched the  video for a tutorial on how to get started on the Torrance shawl you’ll be amazed at how a few stitches quickly form a triangle right before your eyes. Once you’re hooked, then nab a kit. Wear it as a layering piece for a perfect Fall addition to your wardrobe!

crochet triangle shawl vickie howell

NEW KIT: The Torrance Triangle Shawl in Mrs. Crosby Satchel yarn. AS SEEN ON ASK ME MONDAY

As always, thanks for virtually hanging out with me. Be sure to tune in again next Monday for a new episode LIVE on Facebook.