Crochet Fabric & Rope Basket

Fabric Rope Basket | Crochet using fabric and rope with Vickie Howell

Crochet Fabric Rope Basket


Fabric scrap yarn (See tutorial here)

Medium-weight rope

Size 12 mm crochet hook

Optional: Large-eyed tapestry needle, sewing needle & thread


Approx. 9″/23 cm wide (excl. handles) x 3″/8 cm tall


With yarn, ch 10 (or desired amount.)

Note: This project is worked in a spiral, so there aren’t traditional “Rounds.” Term is just used as reference.


Round 1: Holding rope parallel to the chain, with about 1″/2.5 cm of rope standing taller than yarn chain, sc into the 2nd ch from hook AND around rope; sc around rope and in every ch to end (after a few stitches worked, gently pull rope so it’s now at the same level as crochet — see this video, about 7 minutes in, for reference), bend rope so that it comes back against itself (like an oval spiral), 2sc around rope and in SAME st as the last st worked (3sc total in last st); *sc around rope and into the bottom of the next st; rep from * to last st, 3 sc in last st.

Round 2: Continuing to spiral the rope, [sc around rope in next st and to one end of the piece; 3 sc in center st of one end] TWICE.

Repeat Round 2 until the basket base measures 9″/23 cm long.


Next Round: Continuing to spiral the rope, sc around rope in next st and every st around (without increasing at either end.)

Repeat the last round until basket Body measures 3″/ 8 cm (or desired length) tall.


Crochet Fabric and Rope Basket | Vickie Howell #crochetpattern



Next Round: [Continuing as established until you get to 3 sts BEFORE the center of one side of the basket; WITHOUT working into basket BODY, sc around rope only for 7″/18 cm; skip 6 sts, re-attach rope by working into next st on basket Body] TWICE.

Secure rope end by sc into 1 row below, 3 times.

Fasten off; cut rope.


Using fingers or tapestry needle, weave in ends. 

Optional: With a sewing needle and thread, tack down rope end to secure further.


Crochet Fabric and Rope Basket | Vickie Howell #crochetpattern