CRL with Vickie Howell is a podcast for those creative types.  Each pop-culture-infused episode brings you an in-depth interview with a celebrity or Craft/Fashion-genre expert, an informative segment we like to call T3 (Tips, Tricks & Trends) and lastly, Vickie’s ramblings about her random experiences as professional knitter and crafty lady.

Episode 001: Dia De Los Crafty!

chicaGuest: Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica)

Topic: Fall and winter are hard core craft seasons. That’s right, hard core. Vickie and Kathy discuss gift-making, cultural craft traditions and putting a little hand-made in your holidays. Kathy also fills us in with herbrand spankin’ new line of craft products!

Duration: 28 minutes

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Episode 002: Sustainabilknitty

adrienneGuest: Adrienne Armstrong (Owner of Atomic Garden/First Lady of Green Day)

Topic: Scoop on knitting, crochet and crafting with eco-friendly materials. We’ll also chat about Adrienne’s new sustainable living boutique and her work with Habitat for Humanity!

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Episode 003: Man, you’re the Knit!

willGuest: Will Forte (Saturday Night Live)

Topic: Why one man knits as well as how to hook-up with the male-knitting community. Will also gives us the scoop on SNL, his movie Brothers Solomon and his other upcoming projects!

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Episode 004: Bringing Home the Crafty Bacon

jenniferGuest: Jennifer Perkins (Host of Craft Lab/ Owner of Naughty Secretary Club)

Topic: Grass roots info on starting a crafty business. Jen also talks about the current season of Craft Lab and her upcoming jewelry book!

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Episode 005: From Make to Mags

adinaGuest: Adina Klein (Editor in Chief of Vogue Knitting & Knit.1 Magazines)

Topic: Advice on getting knitwear designs published and what editors are looking for when it comes to submissions, style and execution. Adina will also give us the hot gossip on upcoming VK and Knit.1 issues!

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Episode 006: 3rd Wave Femiknits

debbieGuest: Debbie Stoller (Editor-in-Chief BUST

Magazine/Author Stitch ‘N Bitch books)

Topic: Feminism and this generation’s crafty revolution. Discussion about the need for community, the desire to create and the new genre of careers emerging, all in the name of knit. Debbie also fills us in on her upcoming book, the knitting cruise she’s hosting and the scoop on what’s next for BUST!

Plus, tips on starting your own SnB group and seeking out community on the web!

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Episode 007: Book Deal

kellie2Guest: Kelley Deal (The Breeders /Author)

Topic: Trials, triumphs and tribulations of writing a knitting book. Vickie and Kelley swap tales from the book writing trenches and talk about upcoming projects including Kelley’s upcoming handbag how-to and the much anticipated Breeders return.

Plus, tips on landing your own book deal!

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