Craft Corps Recon

I’m finally starting work on Craft Corps.  For those of you who submitted profiles, thank you SO much! I was absolutely thrilled with the response.  Please don’t feel discouraged that you haven’t heard back from the publisher yet.  They were kind enough to take a first pass at narrowing them down for me while I was working on the eco-book and Pop Goes Crochet, but I haven’t had a chance to personally read submissions yet.  We’ll get back to you over the next couple of months. Thanks for your patience!

Unrelated to the profiles, I’d love to know which crafters are most influential to you? Is there a professional quilter, screen-printing artist or potter whose work you follow?  A well-known scrap booker, stitcher, or metal sculptor who especially inspires you?  

I have my own list of people in the industry who I admire and have approached about interviews, but I have room for more and want to fill those spaces with the people YOU want to read about!
So speak up, crafty peeps!  Even if you think the person’s a given, please still name them here. You never know, who might’ve fallen through the list-writing cracks. 😉
Thanks in advance for helping to make this project truly, about community!
xo, Vickie