Craft Corps Giveaway Winners: The First 7 Days!

Here are the winners of the first, 7 days of the Craft Corps Giveaway-a-Day! If you’re listed, then please E-MAIL YOUR MAILING ADDRESS to: contests@vickiehowell.com

by this Saturday the 17th. Unclaimed prizes will be given to new winners.

1. Mary Carlson (Denyse Schmidt Patterns)

2. Kim Baehr (Shannon Okey Online Class)

3. Cheryl Clemons (Margot Potter Book & Pendants)

4. Geri Gilbert (Carol Duvall’s Book)

5. Linday Koch (Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Canvas)

6. Melissa Fritz (Sublime Stitching Patterns)

7. Robin New &
Jillian Zeiger (Mark Montano’s Book)


If you didn’t win one of these, no worries–there’ a loads of contests to come!