Conversation with Badass Author, Jen Sincero

CRAFT*ish Podcast guest, Jen Sincero talks about her lasted book, You Are A Bad Ass at Making Money. Listen on iTunes!“You Are a Badass at Making Money” Author, Jen Sincero: A Conversation

Recently I spoke with the New York Times Best-Selling Author of You Are Bad-Ass, Jen Sincerco. She’s in the middle of a whirlwind book tour for her latest book, You Are a Bad-Ass at Making Money — including live appearances, major publication interviews, and an appearance on Dr. Oz — so I was thrilled that she made time to be on this podcast.

Jen and I talked about her road from struggling writer and musician to life-coach guru, the role that gratitude can play in success, why we as creative types are so reticent to embrace an openness to mastering wealth, and how Universal Intelligence provides all we need to know about flourishing to our fullest extent. I found Jen to be a candid, straight-shooter with a wealth of knowledge and life experience under her belt for which she doles out generously. Click here to “meet” her now, then head on over to her Show Notes Page to comment to win a copy of her latest book. Enjoy!

Your Are A Badass at Making Money author, Jen Sincero