Contest Winner & This Week on Crafty TV

Thanks for entering last week’s Pop Goes Crochet giveaway!  The 27th’s e-mailer is…”Wdmmlc”.  Please reply to the e-mail I sent with your real name and address by Wednesday.  Congrats!  Meanwhile…

Stylelicious on DIY

When: Tuesday March 24th 4:30amET
Episode: Spice it Up
Stylelicious has the remedy for plain wardrobe pieces. I jazz up a skirt and tank with a touch of tulle. Host Jesse Kelly-Landes adds some sass to some simple slippers. Host Jennifer Perkins has an idea to put some personality into your underwear.
When: Saturday March 28th 4:30amET
Episode: Time for a Change
When wardrobe pieces get old and tiresome, give them a new lease on life! I’ll show you how to revamp an old sweater with a cool needle-felting design. Jennifer Perkins makes a hilarious handbag with girl’s training pants. A tired skirt gets a makeover with fishing line and a serger.
Knitty Gritty on HGTV
When: Friday March 27th 6:30amET
Episode: Loom Knitting
We’re all familiar with those colorful plastic looms you find in craft stores. And we all know looms are great for hats and baby blankets, but did you know you can make cables on a loom? How about socks with decreases? And what about lace? Up until recently, no one knew how to create these patterns, but designer Isela Phelps is taking the world by storm, showing everyone that loom-knitting is as versatile as needle-knitting. Watch as she gives us a primer.
xo, Vickie