Monetize Your Craft

You Really Can Make Money With Your Hobby.
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If you’re a maker, chances are you want to make things – not spend time chasing down opportunities to monetize your art. Let this course do that work for you! Whether you’re a knitter, crocheter, artist, designer, sewist, or a master of any other craft, this class will teach how to make money with your hobby.

This class will help you take the drive you put into your making and translate it into earnings. In this class, Vickie will teach how to you:

  • Pitch your ideas to publishers
  • Get your creations licensed
  • Feel confident when selling, and talking about your craft
  • Promote yourself and your craft

You’ll get inspired by first-hand advice from Vickie’s guests including editors, web celebs, working artists, company reps, and bloggers.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking to supplement your family’s income or a maker already profiting in the creative business of your choice, this course will offer the insight, inspiration, and tactical advice to help you craft the business of your dreams.

  • Vickie Howell is amazing. All of the information was useful, and the steps were put in a way that they could be handled with a bit of dedication. I am excited to see how these change my current business rhythms to put my name out there more.

    Ashley Mullis

  • I must say this: I have taken several courses offered on CL. This was, by far, the most intense, fact-filled, class you have ever had. The fact she taught so much in so little time makes me wonder how we could all improve our delivery.

    Kudos, Vickie! Whenever you teach another course here, I want to be the first to sign up! Woot!

    CL Student

  • Vickie has such a relaxed, we're all buddies style of teaching it is a joy to listen to her. This class covers everything you need to get started, whether you just want to make a few dollars or go full blown career. Worth every penny of the cost!

    Helen Lopez

  • OMG!  Vicki is an amazing instructor and person all around!  The information I got from viewing this class is priceless.  Vicki shares so much insight and gives down to earth examples.  IF you come away with just one piece of information useful to you, your money will have been well spent.  I got LOTS of great tips.

    Anne Strecko Koeman