Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf

Vickie Howell for CloverChunky Hairpin Lace Scarf modeledLast week I streamed live on Facebook to show viewers the scoop on one of Clover’s latest, new items: the Hair Pin Lace Tool. For me as an instructor (and general jazz-hander of yarn crafts) it was a great experience because while I was demonstrating, I could also ask the viewers if things were making sense — and get real-time answers (and make adjustments, if necessary.) Man, I love technology! I also love, though the irony of using high-tech, to show how to use low-tech. <insert nerdy snort.>

Since the live stream took place, over 15,000 people from around the world have watched the recording — and are hopefully excited to play with the Hair Pin Lace Tool themselves. What project to start out with, though? Well, I’ve got a couple of choices for you.

If you’re in the bohemian jewelry state of mind, check out my Leather Bracelet post. If you’re ready to snuggle in, hunker down and get makin’ for cooler weather, then this here post is for you!

The Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf is created with 3 strips made on the Hair Pin Lace tool, then pieced together using a hook to “ladder” the loops over each other, and is finished off with a crochet edging and some braided tassels. Oh, and the pattern’s written for both Child and Adult sizes, so you can get the kiddos involved in crafting these with you. Enjoy! xx, Vickie

Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf: Let’s Make It!


Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool

Size U.S. M/N (9mm) Amour Crochet Hook
Valley Yarns Superwash Super Bulky Yarn, in colors: 3(4) balls (A) Castaway Coral by Vickie Howell, and 1(2) balls Aqua Oasis by Vickie Howell
Lareg-eyed tapestry needle
String or embroidery floss (to attach to tool as guide thread)


Child (Adult)

Finished Measurements

Approx 7 1/2″ Wide
35″ (60)” Long — excluding fringe


2 loops = 1″  — after joining strips


MAKE STRIPS: (2 in Color A, 1 in Color B)

With appropriate color yarn, cast-on yarn to Hair Pin Lace Tool.

Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf Tool

Using single-crochet and Amour Hook for center braid, work until 70 (120) loops are made.


Need a Refresher Course on using the Hair Pin Lace Tool?


Each time the Hair Pin Lace Tool becomes fully loaded, you’ll need to attach the top clip, then detach the bottom clip as you slide all but the top two loops (on each pin) onto the guide threads. Re-attach the bottom clip and detach the top clip; continue working.


Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf make strip


Once you have the appropriate amount of loops for the size you’re making, fasten off.


Chunky Hairpin Lace Scarf joining

Lay a Color A strip and Color B strip parallel to each other as shown above. If your guide threads were knotted, unknot them now.

Removing guide threads as you go, insert hook through first 2 loops of strip on the RH side (Color B Strip), then first 2 loops of strip on the LH side (Color A Strip); pull both Color A loops (as if they were one) through both Color B loops (you’ll now have only two Color A Loops on the hook.) *Insert hook through next two loops of Color B strip; pull them through the Color A loops; insert hook through next two Color A loops; pull them through Color B loops. Repeat from * until strips are fully connected.

Cut yarn, leaving a tail and feed it through the last loops. Knot if necessary.

Repeat process to attach second Color A strip.


Note: You’ll be working through two loops at a time for the entire edging.

Removing guide thread as you go, join Color A by inserting hook through the first 2 loops on one side of the piece and pulling a loop through.

Ch 2 (counts as sc), *[dc into next two loops, 3 dc AROUND the post of that same dc], sc through next two loops; repeat from * to end.

Fasten off.

Repeat for opposite side.

Having a hard time visualizing the edging? Watch below.



Weave in ends.


  • Cut 3, 40′′/101.5 cm, strands of yarn. Holding strands together, fold in half. Insert crochet hook through RS of scarf edge; lay yarn at the folded point over the hook. Pull yarn through, from back to front, just enough to create loop. Set aside hook and use hands to fold the loop over the edge of the project, pulling the ends of the yarn through the loop. Pull tight-ish.

  • You’ll now have 6 strands hanging (3 stands folded). Separate into 3 groups of 2 strands; braid. Knot off. Trim and fray ends.
  • Repeat process, attaching 5 fringe bunches evenly across each end of scarf.


<High -five> You just hairpin laced the heck outta that scarf!

Chunky Hairpin Lace Vickie Howell