Christmas in July

Good morning, Sunshines! In a few hours I get on a plane to Knoxville to shoot a holiday special, along with 12 other DIY hosts (including Stylelicious co-host Jennifer Perkins). Together we’ll be decorating a local house in preparation for a little on-camera, yuletide soiree. Other than the Tennessee heat, it should be a lot of fun! To combat inevitable holiday heat rash, I’m planning on using the “method acting” skills I learned in high school drama class to invoke feelings of chilly Colorado winters. In my mind’s eye I will see my 7 year old self and 2 year old brother, proudly wearing our “I Survived the Blizzard of ’82” t-shirts. Ahhh, there’s nothing like ChriKwanYulakkah in July!

Before I leave though, just wanted to let you know that the Ask Crafty column has been updated into it’s new and improved user-friendly format. This means a veritable cornucopia of crafty advice available (at the very least) weekly, so check back often!

I’ll check in from my hotel when I can. “Talk” soon!