Center Out Knit Shawl Primer

Center Out Shawl

This week on Ask Me Monday, we chat center-out shawl design and how, once you understand the set-up, it’s easy to design your own Garter Stitch (and beyond) shawl, using any yarn that you love! Watch and swatch below!

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Center Out Shawl Practice Swatch

Ok, before you get started, let’s talk a little anatomy of a center-out shawl. This style is one large triangle made up of 2 smaller triangles that magically appear as you knit! You start at the top-center of the piece (think: where a finished shawl would hit the nape of your neck if you wore it in the traditional way) and work outwards, increasing by four stitches on every right side row. Placing the increases on either end and with 2 in the middle, create the shape. You can use any increase method you want, but for this swatch *and because I like the lacy detail it adds, we’ll be using yarn-overs. 

Grab your needles (I recommend circulars, at least 24″ long, so that the cord can bear the weight of the fabric as you knit), and yarn and have fun!


Center-out shawl diagram





With any yarn and corresponding sized needles, CO 4, pm, CO 1, pm, CO 4. — 9 sts

Row 1 (RS): K1, YO, k to marker, YO, sl m, k1, sl m, YO, k to last st, YO, k1. — 4 sts inc’d

Row 2: Knit.

Repeat Rows 1-2 until your piece measures 4″/10 cm from top-center to tip, OR keep on going until you have 15″ for a shawlette, or 30″ for a shawl!


Yay, you’ve got it!

Different weight yarns for center out shawls.

Experiment using the same swatch pattern with different weights of yarns! Shown here (B-T) super bulky, worsted, and fingering.



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Make Me!

Flying V Knit Shawl by Vickie Howell

Flying V Shawl 

Yarn: 1 hank each TML+Tweed in Vickie Howell for Mad | Tosh colors: Shush Finger & Spirit Fingers, 1 mini-hank in Fingers Crossed.


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