13 Customized Gift Tags for Crafters

The folks at e-mailed me the other day to ask if I’d check out their site. “Why yes”, I replied, “I’d love to”. Although I already had holiday card plans I didn’t in fact, have gift tags on hand.

In a perfect world, I’d make every aspect of the gifts on my Christmas giving list. Alas though, as a working gal with deadlines, and a mom of 3 children to enjoy the season with, that’s not always realistic. Thanks to however, I was able to infuse a wee bit of handmade goodness into each and every present I hand out. I created customized gift tags, using a photo I took of the Amigurum-tree Ornament I crocheted–and in 3, easy steps they were ready to order! Here’s how:

1. Upload desired photo to their website.

2. Choose from one of their many, card templates.

3. Edit and insert photo into tag template.

Finished Tag!

Pretty cute, eh? I think I’ll head back to create Thank You postcards to match!

Happy holidays!