06 is Feeling Sheep(ish)!

Pssst! Guess what? Even though we have a few more weeks until Sheep(ish)–the first yarn in my Stitch.Rock.Love line– hits shelves, you can get it before anyone else! Click on over to right NOW and be the very first to get the yarn, before it’s in stores. Super-soft, in 21 luscious colors and for only $3.99 a ball–what are you waiting for? Type on over to today!

What people are saying about Sheep(ish)

“I liked–no, LOVED [working with]–your Sheep-ish yarn. The colors are extraordinary, and the sheen makes the yarn almost glow. And it didn’t split like loosely spun 1-ply yarns can do sometimes. Whenever I crocheted in public, people would stop and ask what kind of yarn I was using. I told them they would have to wait, but that it would be worth it.”
–Donna Childs, Designer

“I love the texture and all of the delicious colors–WOW!” –Natalie Zee Drieu, Founder Coquette Fashion Blog