Hey all. Due to an illness in the family I had to make a last minute trip to L.A. where I didn’t have internet access and couldn’t post. Sooooo, that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while. How are you? Good, good, glad to hear it. And the kids? Excellent. They’re getting so big! What projects are you working on? Yeah, me neither. Beginning of the year slump, I suppose. No worries though, we’ll kick it into gear. Ok, the Sybil portion of this post has now come to an end.

The word of the day for me is “Bust”.
Exhibit A: My technological best friend (aka my Treo)is slowly ceasing to function. It randomly shuts itself down when I try to check text messages from certain friends and the keyboard has all but quit working which means unless my phone calling/texting/e-mailing/scheduling needs require only the letter “j”, then I’m pretty much out of luck. This rediculously expensive piece of machinery appears to be busted after a mere 6 months of life. Apparently, after the demise of my aforementioned I-pod, my Treo is too overwrought with loss to go on.

Exhibit B: The trip we took to Ikea last week was almost a total bust. Some of the stuff has already broken and both of us managed to make it to our respective homes without all of the pieces required to build the beds. Since we clearly won’t be making the 3 hour jaunt back to H-town anytime soon, we’ll both have to either place our faith in the fact that a customer service representative has promised to call back or else, just make peace with the fact that our mattresses are going to only be surrounded by their frames rather than suppported by them. My love/hate relationship is officially leaning towards the latter right now, so much so that I purchased the domain name “ikeaboo.com”. Both as a form of protest and comic relief. But I digress…
The next two exhibits are actually, believe it or not, not complaints.

Exhibit C: Even though Debbie Stoller couldn’t review my book for her magazine because it wasn’t really her demographic, she was still kind enough to include a picture of me holding the book on the recap page of the Craftacular Fair that was in Brooklyn in December. Thanks, Deb! If you’re interested, it’s in the Music issue of BUST that’s out on stands now.

Exhibit D: As of Sunday, it’s “Vegas or Bust” for me! I’ll be there from the 29th-1st for the CHA (Craft & Hobbies Assoc.) convention. If any of you will happen to be there too, stop on by the Sterling booth to say “hello”. I’ll be there to promote my projects along with my friends Kathy Cano Murillo (aka Crafty Chica ), Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club , as well as many more crafty ladies and gents!

In totally unrelated news, to further my obsession with kitschy, retro, Asian decor I’ve comissioned an artist to do a painting for my livingroom of a red-headed Geisha (I’ve also started collecting red-headed artwork). He sent me the initial sketch the other day and well, it was love at first site. Take a looksie and please, feel free to “ooh and ahh”…

And with that, I bid you goodnight. Sweet dreams, lovies.