Burrito Bag & B-Day Pics

Several months ago Amy’s Kitchen asked if I’d make a bag out of their burrito wrappers, similar to the Trick or Tote from my Kiwi Mag column.    The timing Gods were not with me however, so it took me FOREVER to get to it.   I finally sent it in a couple of weeks ago, and thanksbegoodness, they were happy enough with it to put it up on their site!  If you’re an Amy’s food fan (and if you’re not, clearly you’ve never tried their goodies) and find yourself with a collection of wasted wrappers, don’t ditch ’em– stitch ’em!  Get the free instructions here.

Burrito Bag

Unrelated, thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes yesterday on this blog, Ravelry, MySpace and Facebook!  They made me feel all gushy-mushy inside. 🙂  

Yesterday was a happy celebration filled with facials, friends, and silly phone messages.  I also got some amazing gifts including, a hand-made wallet, lightening-bolt necklace, and honorary donation to Heifer International from my editor, Valerie. Good stuff.
The day ended with a dinner with close friends at a local restaurant, El Chili.   We had a great time although unfortunately, the enchiladas made a few of us sick, later that evening. No Bueno.
Under the category of awesomeness though, my friend Jaime made me this kick-arse yarn cake (lemon cake, light on the frosting–just how I like it!)  I *heart* my creative friends!

Jennifer, Tina & Jen A. from ACM were all there, as was Jody (the photographer from Not Another Teen Knitting Book) and Jenny M. (aka Websy Daisy).  See more pictures on my Flickr pool, here.

Jennifer, her Cha-Cha bracelet & Tina

Another thanks to all of you who have and will participate in the 35 for my 35th giveaway (scroll down to one post below this, if you don’t know what I’m talking about)!  I’ll post the winners, shortly after Thanksgiving.
I’m off to do dishes, watch Oprah, and knit a wrist warmer.  Have a good night!
xo, Vickie