Boxcar Sunday

What to do when my little consumer wanted a car for his Luigi doll, excuse me I mean, “action plushie”?  Well, get crafty, of course!  A couple of hours, some paints, and a lesson in recycling later–and we had ourselves a cardboard box, turned Mario Cart!

(I love how his first instinct was to pose like John Cusack in “Say Anything”.)

Thanks to Kathy, we had the *exact* colors we needed in Crafty Chica paints to convert our Converse container into a regular ol boxcar!

Per Tristan’s instructions, I cut out a hole for Luigi to sit in, leaving a back piece for him to lean on.   Bonus:  when you open the lid, the car transforms into a bed!  You know, because Luigi gets tired from racing. 😉

We may be in the day of video games and high-tech toys– but it’s good to know that sometimes a plain old box, still does the trick.   Recycle.  Reuse.  Recreate…with your kids.
xo, Vickie