Blue Genie Bangles

Dave was at Fun Fun Fun Fest all weekend, so I took the opportunity to watch movies (Mommy Dearest & August Rush) and make things for the Austin Craft Mafia booth at upcoming Blue Genie Art Bazaar. After all of these years of participating, I still don’t have a great feel for what’ll sell at this event. It seems to be pretty hit or miss. So, this year, I’ve decided to focus on (insert jazz hands) *accessories*! I figure at least that way I’m not spending more than a few hours on each item and if they don’t sell, then I’ll be stocked on gifts for awhile.

First up, several pairs of wrist warmers and, a bevy of knit & crochet bangles. Who knows if people will buy them, but I’m having fun working on them which is half the battle, right? 😉

If you’re in the Austin area, make sure to stop by the bazaar. It’s a truly unique show filled with some pretty amazing wares ranging from Sasquatch embroidered western shirts, to screen printed posters, to recycled wool booties. For more information, go here.

Let the holiday shopping season begin!