3 Great Bind-Offs for Shawls & Shawlettes

 Bind offs for Shawl Knitting

Bind-Offs for Shawls

Whether your knitting a lacy neckpiece for spring or heavy-wrap for winter, it’s good to have a few bind-offs in your skill arsenal to bring your project to finishing success. This week on Ask Me Monday I show 3 great bind-offs for shawls and shawlettes: the Yarn-Over Bund-Off, Stretchy K2tog tbl Bind-Off, and the Picot Bind-off. Let’s get to it!

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Yarn-Over Bind-Off

Step 1: K2, slip 2nd stitch on right-hand needle over the 1st one, and let it drop off (as for a traditional BO).

Step 2: Insert right-hand needle, from left to right, into the stitch on the left-hand needle; YO; lift the stitch over the YO and let it drop off of the needle.

Step 3: K1, slip 2nd stitch on right-hand needle over the 1st one, and let it drop off.

Repeat Steps 2-3 until all sts are bound off.


Stretchy K2tog tbl Bind-Off

K1, *slip 1 stitch back to the left needle, k2tog tbl; rep from * until 1 st remains. Cut yarn and pull through last stitch to secure.


Picot Bind-off

K2, bind-off 1, *slip stitch on RH needle back onto LH needle, e-wrap cast-on 2 stitches, bind-off 4 stitches; repeat from * to end.

Make Me!

To the Point Shawlette by Chris Bahls

To the Point Shawlette by Chris Bahls for YarnYAY!


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