Better Late Than Never

I’m a week and a half late on this post but hey, better late than never, right? The Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn was a ton of fun but holy moly, was it SWELTERING! Apparently, that Sunday was the hottest June 18th since 1914 or some crap. For those of you who haven’t met the ladies of ACM, most of us weren’t blessed with the ability to tan. Susann & Hope get a little golden but me, Jennifer, Jenny and Tina are poster children for the need for sunscreen. What I’m saying is, my people don’t handle the heat well. By the end of day two, we were all heat rashed and wilted. It was not our Elizabeth Arden Red Door moment!

On the plus side, we got to hang out with all kinds of cool crafty peeps. I finally got to meet the Sperber sisters (31 Corn Lane), who were kind enough to have us over to their Brooklyn house for a pre-fair BBQ. It was good times. They’re awesome.
My friend Kathy Cano-Murillo had a booth as did the gals from Portland Super Crafty. All of us were interviewed for the Indie Craft Documentary by the film’s director/producers (seen below.)

The guys from Fred Flare were out interviewing for their podcast–they were Hi-larious! (Note Chris’s short shorts fabulousness & Keith’s flowery pant goodness.)

When Chris saw the title of my book, New Knits on the Block he exclaimed, “Helloooo, 1-800-CUTE!”. Comedy.

Diana from Make Workshop let me pick out a hank of her beautiful hand-dyed wool from which I promptly made Stefanie Japel’s One Skein Wonder Shrug. Isn’t it purty?

When I wasn’t at the fair, I got to meet a couple of friends for dinner and drinks one night, spent Father’s Day evening with the Perkins family and went cashmere shopping with my friend Lori at School Products. They sell it in bulk there for a price that works out less than most high-end merino wool. We both bought enough to make small “Rambling Rows” throws for our respective couches. The latter outing almost made me late for the Isaac Mizrahi shoot for the next Knit.1 Article. We ran back to her place, I changed, threw on some make-up, packed my suitcases and grabbed a cab. I did my hair in the car. We only had 10 minutes to get the pictures taken, as Isaac had squeezed us in between other events. He knitted on my shrug project, while we chatted for a few minutes and then we were both off–me to the airport and he to–well, I have no idea where.

And so it was–my latest trip to big apple. I go back again to NY in the morning for rehearsal for the Today Show appearance on Thursday. Now, I’m heading to the mall to buy a girdle. I’m taking Dolly Parton’s advice from Steel Magnolias, and not leaving the house (or in this case, going on TV) without lycra on these thighs. 😉

Oh, if you’re bored, the Not Another Teen Book blog tour kicked-off today. Check out the 1st stop here.