Babes, Books and Boys

The Sylelicious launch party went off with a couple of hitches (our i-pod connection didn’t work so we had to go with juke box tunes and the burned dvds of the show wouldn’t play in the bar’s dvd player, so we had to call for back-ups. oy.), but ended up a success. We had so much fun! Doc’s was packed with peeps out to support us (or for the hour of free bevies–who knows,really?)and the other girls all looked amazing. I really love how different all of our styles are.

My camera was being fussy so I only got 3 pictures the entire evening: Karly, Tina and Hope emceeing the raffle (who let Karly have the mic?!) and me with my little friend Heide and then withJen A.. However, photographer extraordinaire Jody Horton was there and armed with his camera, so I’ll have more shots to share with you soon.

Speaking of Mr. Horton (he did the photography for my new book), I got an advanced copy of Not Another Teen Knitting Book in the mail this weekend! Besides my aformentioned dislike of my mullet-y self on the cover, I’m really happy with how the book looks. I hope everyone who sees it, gets the sense of humor and kitschiness of the layout. For better or worse, it defintely doesn’t look like the other teen crafty books out there.

Yesterday my boys had a soccer game in the morning. My oldest, Tanner has some mad soccer playing skillz (which clearly has nothing to do with me–I’m the artsy parent–and eveything to do with his dad) and my 4 year old, Tristan made his first goal! He was so proud that he strutted around doing a little dance, for the rest of the game. Really though, Tristan is more interested in the uniform than he is the game. He wore the cleats and shin guards for two days straight when the season first started. So cute! Anyway, here are my kiddos (left and center) with their team mate, Max.

I’m finally making a little bit of progress on the projects for the crochet book. I just have the finishing to do on a summer tank and I’m working on a ruffle-y winter scarf. I have a katrillion more projects to crochet over the next month or so, as is evident by the mammoth pile of yarn in my office. I guess it’s movie marathon/crochetapalooza time at my house. I’ve also found 80% of the contributing designers (I’m really excited about their projects!), so I only need a handful more before that process is complete. Hooray!

Ok, I’ve babbled on for long enough. Have a lovely Sunday!