Achtung, Ole?

On Saturday my friend Jenny (aka Web Mistress Extraordinaire) and I took our 6 year olds to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to celebrate their graduation from kindergarten. By some random act of luck or timing, the park was fairly empty so we rarely had to stand in ride lines for more than a few minutes. With two wild boys in tow, you can imagine how this fact was the motherhood equivalent to the sky opening up to reveal the sound of angels and trumpets. 😉

Tanner (my son) and I don’t often get to spend 1 on 1 time together without his cutie-pie brother, so this was a really nice day for both of us. He and I both love us the thrill rides–the faster the better–so we had a blast on anything that would throw us, turn us upside down, jolt us from side-to-side, or zip us through water at mach speeds.

When we decided to give our stomachs a rest, we met up again with Jen and Finn (her son)–they had decided to bypass one of the crazy rides in favor of a 2nd pass at the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion Adventure–to go on the Ferris Wheel. The loading up process for this ride takes a very inefficient 10 minutes, while the actual fun part lasts all of 2. A flawed plan, if you ask me.

To kill time during the pre-fun portion of the experience, I started working on a non-striped version of Mary Lynn Patrick’s (who, BTW, is a Catwalk Crochet contributor) Knits Ahoy top from that last issue ofKnit.1. I’m using the new Suss yarn, “Fuzzy“, that I’m currently obsessed with. Here’s the WIP of it.

If I actually finish it in time and if I get myself to the gym so that I can also actually fit into my jeans to go with it, I may wear the top when I go on the Today Show. I feel like I should wear something made from yarn yet ironically, I own very little knit or crochet wear. But I digress…
Tanner spent the same time taking pictures with my digital camera. The last one is of Jenny and Finn (who preferred to have a car alone with his mom) from our perspective.

Oh, and BTW, if one’s going to name an amusement park “Fiesta Texas” wouldn’t it make more sense to then go with a Mexican theme throughout the park instead of opting for a German one? I’m just saying.

Ok, Babble-onia is over now. Thanks for listening. If you’re looking for something else to read, check out Set-Designer/Not Another Teen Knitting Book sketch artist, Dave Lowe’s recent blog post about how he conceived and brought into fruition, the Stylelicious set. If you interested in that kind of thing (and I totally am), then you’ll dig seeing the process laid out for you.