A freaka for the Chica!

A couple of months ago, my best friend Tammy came to visit me from L.A. to get my side patio in working order. She’s clearly the master gardner out of the two of us, so I just vaguely mentioned what I envisioned in a hang-out area and she took the reigns. The sort of work-in-progress result is a retro-kitsch courtyard (seen here pre-fence building)complete with dinette set, succulent plants and a porch swing. This is now my favrorite area of the house and in fact, has recently become a clubhouse of sorts for my friends and their bevies. 😉

My porchtopia however still needs work, and I need inspiration. Enter, my friend Kathy Cano Murillo’s new book Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul!

Although this book is filled with a range of latina-inspired crafty goodness, my current obsession takes me directly to the outdoor decor projects namely: the adorable Tin Trimmed Garden Stakes (P. 109), Fantastico Fantasy Paper Lights (p. 106) and my absolute, this-makes-me-giddy-and-I-must-make-it pick, the Flamin’ Firepot (p. 121). I mean, c’mon, a fire source for your patio made form a washing machine tub and plant stand? Brilliant! As in all of her books, Kathy has strung together spicey, yet whimsical projects with inspirational wit and a whole lotta glitter. Art De La Soul is available online and in bookstores now. Te Amo, Crafty Chica!

Crafty Kisses,