5 Reasons a Knitting Box Subscription Could be Great for YOU

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5 Reasons a Knitting Box Subscription Could Be a Great Fit for You

Although mail order products have been around since the 19th century, subscription boxes, in which subscribers get a curated collection of items catered to their niche interests, are relative newbies to the delivered-to-you marketplace. Beginning in 2010 when Birchbox, which specializes in skin care items, took the beauty genre by storm the subscription industry has since blown up spanning pretty much every category

YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell Knitting Subscription Box Service #yarn #knitting #knit #giftsimaginable. From beard oil and vegan jerky to life-coaching literature and pop culture ephemera, if you like something … anything, there’s likely a box for that. This includes, you guessed it,  knitting!

There are several options to choose from out there, based on your personal fancies and budget. But first, you may be wondering, “What’s all the hype? Why I consider a stitcherly subscription?” Well, I feel like I could probably have you at, “yarn” but in the spirit of elaboration, here are 5 reasons a knitting box subscription –like that offered by my company, YarnYAY! or others — could be a great fit for you!

1. You love surprises!

You know that feeling of being a kid and getting a package from a relative? I’m not talking about one like the aunt who always sent classic literature, which mom intercepted and promptly exchanged for an on-point E.T. doll and shoelaces. No, I mean like the one who actually consulted with your parents to know what your tastes (Joan Jett, “I Love Rock n’ Roll” record and Jelly purse, please) were. You tear through the box with delight at both the thoughtfulness of family and the coolness of your new haul. Oh, what a feeling! 

Well, now you can recreate that feeling, every month of the year, by receiving lovingly curated items handpicked for knitters just like you! Ah, the delight when the fiber-filled box of wonders lands in your mailbox!

Psst! Not into surprises? Several services offer “unboxings” surrounding the respective months’ offerings. If you choose to, seek out those spoilers before you opt-in.

2. You’re Looking for Fiber Exposure.

Whether you live in an isolated rural area or are at the center of a thriving city, the truth is that there are so many amazing yarns out there that even under the best-case yarn store scenario, it’s impossible to be privy to the latest fibers, on-trend dyers, and new knitting-related tools. Knitting boxes can help with that conundrum though, by offering handpicked selections from experts. They’ve done the research, so you needn’t raise a finger! Well, until you receive their purl-y packages, that is.  Then, hands will, in fact, need to be raised so that you can knit with them. Obvs.

As the co-founder of YarnYAY!, this part of the process makes me really happy. I can only guess that I’m not alone in the love of finding beautiful yarns and then sharing them with as many knitters as possible. I suspect that other subscription box business owners feel the same, too.

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3. You Could Use Some Creative YOU time.

In an age when we have so much information coming at us, and when (for some) every moment of every day seems to have requirements, sometimes carving out the time to plan projects so you can squeeze some precious creative time into your day, is hard. “Hard” shouldn’t be a word that’s ever associated with yarn, folks. Yarn is soft and comforting, and lovely. (Most) knitting boxes reinforce that fact by providing you with gorgeous fiber and a pattern for a project to make with it. Time saved in planning equals time earned for stitching! Ahhhhhh.

5 Reasons to Subscribe to a Knitting Box Service #vickiehowell #knitting #yarn #gifts

4. You Care About Supporting Small Businesses.

Not only are most knitting box companies small businesses themselves, but many also collaborate with others to bring you independent yarns, notions, bags and more!

YarnYAY! does that, as well as uses a family-owned printing company for patterns. We also encourage subscribers to, after they’ve worked with them through our boxes, to go out and buy more of the featured products at their own local yarn stores. We feel that a rising tide raises all knit boats!

5. You Seek Meaningful Community.

The knitting community is vibrant and thanks to the internet, also now global! Whether you share photos of your finished knitting box project on Ravelry, or unbox your latest goodies on Instagram there’s a whole world of folks out there that would love to chat about your knitting and perhaps knit-along with you. Some box services, YarnYAY! included, even offer  Facebook groups where you can directly connect with like-subscribed others, ask questions, watch expert videos, and discuss future boxes. It’s like being in a club, without ever having to put on pants. That my friends is a knit-win!

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For more information and to subscribe to the premiere month of YarnYay! by Vickie Howell click below. 

Happy knitting!

Yours in yarn,


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