Wearable Tools from Knitter’s Pride

Wearable Tools from Knitter’s Pride

This week my daughter Clover joined me on Ask Me Monday. I shared two handy, new, wearable tools from Knitter’s Pride. 

Later, we talked finger knitting for Halloween, including how to change colors for stripes and create a cozy for your kiddo’s slime jar and some spooky eyeball flowers. 

Watch the episode below:

***This episode of Ask Me Monday is sponsored by Knitter’s PrideKnitPro***
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Wearable Tools by Knitter's Pride | Watch this week's episode of #AskMeMonday  with #VickieHowell to get the scoop on Knitter's Pride's new Row Counter Ring and Knitter's Magnetic Necklace Kit! #knitting #tools #knitter

Knitter’s Pride Products Featured in this episode:

As always, you can find all episodes of this series under the Ask Me Monday playlist on the Videos section of my Facebook page. Enjoy! 

Ask Me Monday | Facebook Live Series with over 100 episodes! #learntoknit #learntocrochet #crafts #smallbusiness #vickiehowell

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