Chunky Crochet Shawl Pattern + Quick Locking Stitch Markers = TLA

Quick Locking Stitch Markers = Crochet Shawls’ BFF Counting is important. Arguably in life, but definitely in crochet. Unlike with its knitting sister with her handy needle which holds all live stitches in a tidy row, crochet’s stitches are never “live” —…


How to: Next-Level Cables in June Cashmere

Next Level Cables + June Cashmere This week I had the pleasure of working with Ask Me Monday video sponsor, June Cashmere. I was originally introduced to them by my dear friend (and industry leader), Karin Strom. It wasn’t until…


How to Knit Corrugated Rib

Intro to Two-Handed Stranding: Knit Corrugated Rib I love stripes. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, plaid; if it’s a series of straight lines, then I’m in! In knitting, the easiest (and most common) method of creating stripes is (usually) horizontally by alternating yarn…


How to Convert (Almost) Any Hat Pattern to a Messy Bun Beanie

  A trend from the early aughts is back in the knitting and crochet worlds, only this time with a slightly different name. Back in 2005, Ponytail Beanies hit the stitching community. These hats were designed with a strategically placed…

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