Cloudy Window Scarf

Do you ever work on projects that feel like running through a field of flowers with the wind in your hair? You know what I mean, right? With each stitch made, you feel like a kid sneaking another piece of candy — it’s that much fun? Well, folks the Cloudy Window Scarf  — named for…


Behind the Scenes at CreativeLive

I spent last week at the San Francisco studios for CreativeLive, shooting five online courses for their platform. You can watch a sneak peak behind the scenes from a live, Facebook video I streamed from their San Francisco offices, but I also wanted to share a few snapshots from the experience. Ready? Ok, good! Front DeskI…


Valentine’s Day Tassel Garland!

I love tools that make crafting life easier, and there’s no company we can count on more to come up with those sanity-savers than, Clover. Their latest aid to embellishing is the Tassel Maker, an adjustable frame that comes in two sizes with the ability to create tassels in several additional lengths. The fun part, though is that loads…


Get Schooled: Crochet Series

Want to learn the basics of crochet? Don’t have time for a full-on class? Just need a reference in case you forget your crocheted stitches? I’ve got you covered! This week on my new, YouTube Channel we launched the latest video series, “Get Schooled: Crochet”.  Click on the playlist for tutorials on: Chain Stitch, Single Crochet,…