Love is Love

Today is a big day in U.S., civil rights history. As of June 26, 2015 a sect of our population can no longer be discriminated against when it comes to being in committed, loving relationships. Federal law now permits legal, same sex marriage. It is now, as it always should’ve been. There is significant LGBT representation…


6 Tools That Make a Knitter’s Life Easier

You already love it: choosing your favorite fiber in colors that speak to you; deciding on a project that expresses your vision; casting on a string of possibilities; working individual stitches which ultimately become something beautiful. If you read this blog, then chances are that knitting is your passion. That doesn’t mean, however that it’s not work. It is,…


Jute Pot Cozy

Planter Perfect (Excerpted from Amazon #1 Release, Finger Knitting Fun) Let your imagination bloom while you decorate a simple terra-cotta pot. Each little added detail will surely plant the seeds for your very own creatively cool garden! Supplies • ball chunky, jute rope • terra-cotta pot, any size • gold-leaf paint • paintbrush • decorative…


Summer Beach Bag Stitch-Along

Join me, and The Crochet Crowd as we stitch along beach bags with Yarnspirations. Beginning June 29th, we’ll spend 3 weeks making one (or all!) of 6, great bags for Summer. I’ll be hosting the knit-along, and TCC with host the crochet-along.  You can get more info on joining either, as well as getting discounts…


Wallpaper Covered Buttons

Last Fall we had an accent wall done in our bedroom with a wallpaper I’d been admiring on Pinterest, for what seemed like forever. I love it so much, I feel like the designer made it specifically with me and mind. He or she (why do we not have a gender neutral pronoun in the…