Spring Cleaning: Crochet Hangers!

As the weather gets warmer, I find that my closet and I are exchanging knowing glances. It’s time. The mess must be dealt with. That Spring cleaning just got sweeter, though with some stitched wire hangers. I see you, dirty closet, and raise you some crochet cuteness! Stitch these, then hang on. Enjoy! Materials Wire…


Lunch Hour Knit Kits on Kitterly!

  I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Today is the launch of my Lunch Hour Knit Kits collection for Kitterly! Each, totally doable D.I.Y. project is designed with busy knitters in mind. There are 4 individual accessory kits¬†all of which are fun to make and can be knit in a handful of lunch breaks so that you,…


Oval Loom Ankle Sock Recipe

I love playing with new tools, so when Clover sent me the new, Oval Sock Loom I dove right in. I found it to be a fun (and speedy!) alternative to knitting socks on traditional needles, and quickly altered the sock directions from the package into an ankle sock for Spring. To tighten up the…


CRAFT*ish Podcast is LIVE!

My latest¬†podcast, CRAFT*ish is officially live!, launching with three episodes with guests: Best-selling novelist, Rachael Herron, Spoonflower Co-Founder, Stephen Fraser, and Knitter’s Review Founder, Clara Parkes. Click here to listen on our website, or to subscribe through your favorite podcast app!   Thanks to all of you who have already subscribed and made CRAFT*ish show…


YARN: the Movie | Filmmakers SXSW Interview

Just a drive-by post from the SXSW 2016 festival to share my interview with the co-directors/producers of the new film, YARN: the Movie, Heather Milliard & Thordur Jonsson. Special thanks to Ben & Kyle from Bond/360 for setting this up, and to Dave Campbell for shooting and editing. Enjoy! –Vickie