Clover Mini Weaving Loom: Woven Wall Hanging

Wall Hangings: the Clover Mini Weaving Loom Woven wall pieces are once again at the forefront of home decor. Prominently featured on Pinterest, fashion magazines, home catalogues, etc. — you’d be hard pressed to peruse any of them without glimpsing a…


Pucker-up Pillowcases for Tuesday Morning

Pucker-up Pillowcases When you’ve been with your sweetheart for a long time, sometimes romantic gestures aren’t just the obvious ones. I mean, of course flowers, bubbly and grand declarations of love are nice — we all need those every once…


How to Make Paper & Crochet Galentines

Galentines = Valentines for Your Gal Pals! This week’s edition of my Facebook Live stream, Ask Me Monday was brought to you courtesy of Tuesday Morning. I teamed up with the retailer to create Valentine’s Day themed card ornaments for your…


Video: How to Crochet a Heart Motif

Today I got to teach across the pond without leaving the comforts of my very own home studio in Austin, Texas! That’s right, I was back to my live streaming antics again only this time from the Deramores Facebook page. Today’s…

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