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Sew Cute, Sew Not Working

Right before I’m about to gear up to start another labor-intensive work project, I tend to go on a mad, personal crafting spree–frivolously, making things that have nothing to do withneither  deadline nor conceptualization (Qas that too many negatives in…


Knit Aid!

“What a great book! [Vickie] really covers everything and I love the small size, I can definitely see myself keeping this book at my fingertips.  Good job!”–Brett Bara, Editor, Crochet Today Well, it’s official, Knit Aid: a Learn It, Fix…


How to Wear It

Natalie Zee Drieu of CRAFT Magazine sat in on a Stitches West presentation I did for SWTC with their stylist, Lena Walker Smith.  The subject was: how to wear knitwear depending on your personal style, body type, and the look…