Ask Crafty

Morning! We’ll soon be launching a new and improved version of my website that will include a few new sections, one of which will be called “Ask Crafty”. To get this up and running though, I’ll need a few craft-related…


Art Issue

I was wandering around Barnes & Noble today looking for a copy of a book that was mentioned on Oprah, when I randomly came across the new issue of Knit.1! After I got over being annoyed that I hadn’t gotten…


Force Majeure

Not 12 hours after me, Jennifer, Hope and our respective husband and boyfriends were hanging out on my patio debating Twin Peaks vs. Carnivale, an old school bus–curtains drawn and bogged down by various luggage and bicycles tethered to the…


My, Oh My!

Hey all! Just a quick post to tell you about this adorable site, I bought a “I Buy D.I.Y.” t-shirt from one of their vendors at the BUST Craftacular last year, but it wasn’t until they contacted me recently…