Brioche Stripe Super Scarf

Brioche Stripe Super Scarf This week on Ask Me Monday, we revisit 2-color brioche stitch and chat making a Brioche Stripe Super Scarf. Brioche stitch, combined with bulk yarn, creates a squooshy, warm, reversible fabric. The Circus Stripe scarf uses the custom…


Knit Mosaic Chevron Stitch

Knit Mosaic Chevron Stitch This week on Ask Me Monday, I show my favorite type of knit color work, mosaic knitting. For this tutorial, we’ll focus on the knit Mosaic Chevron Stitch, as called for in both my Zags Cowl…


YarnYAY! November Box #43

YarnYAY! November Box #43 It’s fall and the temperature is dropping, so it’s time to go big and bold! The YarnYAY! November Box #43 does just that with custom colors of super chunky yarn, mosaic stitch cowls, and more. Subscribe…


Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer

Mock Turtleneck Shoulder Warmer This week on Ask Me Monday we talk magic loop method, how to set up for knitting a garment with shoulders from the top-down, and I offer up this free pattern for a stripy, Mock Turtleneck…

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