Needle Felted Tree Ornaments



Holiday ornaments are not only great for decking the halls; they also make lovely present toppers, or even great gifts in and of themselves. Handmade versions are extra sweet because they’re both fun to make and receive! Today I spent a really nice day in my studio making several ornaments, while revisiting a craft I hadn’t spent time with in a while: needle felting. Before this project, I’d never worked with anything other than just a plain, ol’ needle and upholstery foam matting. After using the Clover Felting Needle Tools & Mat, though I feel like I’d totally been roughing it until now! It’s so much quicker (and more satisfying) to turn roving into shapes, when you have easy-to-hold (multiple!) needles, and great-grasp bristles. The result of this afternoon’s fiber foray are these kitschy-cute trees, which I guarantee will have you addicted to ornamentation. Happy Fa-la-la-la felting! xx, Vickie

Tree-shaped Cookie Cutter
Clover Natural Wool Roving (in desired colors)
Clover Felting Needle Tool
Clover Pens Style Needle Felting Tool
Clover Large Needle Felting Mat
Various Trimmings
Hot Glue Gun & Glue and/or Sewing Needle & Thread
String or Twine
Clover Tapestry Needle



  • Place cookie cutter on Felting Mat
  • Lay a small amount of roving inside of cookie cutter frame; use Felting Needle Tool to “pounce” up and down on roving to felt. Add more roving as necessary, building up the depth of the felt to about 1/4″/.5 cm.



  • Once the main portion of your tree is felted the way you want it, use the Pen Style Needle Felting Tool to felt roving in the corners of the ornament where the larger tool couldn’t get to.



  • Remove cookie cutter; use Pen Style Needle Felting Tool to further define shape.


  • Peel felted tree from Needle Felting Mat. Use scissors to trim any fly-away fibers. You’ll now how a marshmallow-looking, little tree. I dare you not to find it adorable!


  • Decorate by adding trimmings by either hot gluing, hand sewing, or needle felting ribbons or natural fibers to your tree.
    Tip: the scrapbooking section is a great place to find pretty decorations for your wee trees!


  • Cut a length of twine or string, and using Tapestry Needle to punch a hole, thread through top of tree. Tie knot.